Westerville Ohio Housing Market Statistics

Westerville Housing Statistics - June 2024

Located within Franklin and Delaware Counties, Westerville, Ohio, is a gem in the heart of Central Ohio. This charming city, home to approximately 39,000 residents, is not only known for its tight-knit community but also for its robust housing market. In this blog, we'll take a deep dive into the latest Westerville real estate trends and what makes this city such a unique place to call home.

Understanding Westerville Real Estate Trends

With the Westerville School District receiving an impressive A- grade from Niche.com, it's no wonder that families are flocking to this area. The district boasts 23 schools that serve a diverse student body of 14,576, providing quality education at every corner of the city.

Home Prices in Westerville

When examining home prices in Westerville, the robust economy symbolized by a median household income of $96,000 per year—and up to $170,000 in the highest-earning tracts—is indicative of a thriving housing market. The demand for homes in Westerville often reflects these economic conditions, with prices to match.

Why Choose Westerville?

At the confluence of commerce and education lies Otterbein University and businesses such as Cheryl's Cookies, T. Marzetti Company, and Mac Tools, contributing to the economic stability of the region. In my opinion, Uptown Westerville rivals any suburb in central Ohio, offering a vibrant atmosphere that still maintains a small-town feel.

Spanning 12.6 square miles, Westerville is known as "a city within a park," thanks to its vast network of 50 miles of leisure trails and over 650 acres of parks. Alum Creek, the city's water source, doubles as a recreational hub, enticing seasoned adventurers and leisurely walkers alike.

Spotlight on Popular Neighborhoods

Westerville's real estate landscape is as diverse as its population. Neighborhoods like Harvest Wind, Uptown Westerville, Highland Lakes, and Upper Albany showcase the best of what the city has to offer—from modern amenities to community spirit. Each area possesses its own character and is a testament to the city's motto.

Westerville Ohio Housing Market Statistics

To truly understand the nuts and bolts of Westerville Ohio's real estate market statistics, we need to look beyond the surface. The average price of homes, the time on the market, and the comparison to regional and national trends offer critical insights for potential buyers and investors alike.

In the current year, Westerville remains a competitive market, with homes selling relatively quickly due to the high demand and the city's alluring features. This information is show in the infographic above. It's essential for buyers to act decisively and for sellers to price their homes correctly to align with market expectations.


For those considering a move to Westerville or investing in its real estate, the numbers tell a promising story. Not only is the housing market robust, but the quality of life, educational opportunities, and economic prosperity make Westerville an appealing destination. Whether you're charmed by Uptown's allure or drawn to the serenity of the parks, Westerville embodies the balance of urban convenience with the tranquility of nature. It is a place where housing statistics reflect not just figures but the heartbeat of a dynamic community.

Are you ready to explore what the Westerville Ohio real estate market has in store for you? With its rich community offerings and promising market trends, Westerville is a prime spot for your next home or real estate investment.

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