Dublin Ohio Housing Market Statistics

Infographic with Home Sale Figures from Mar. 2024

As a lifelong realtor and active member of the community, I would like to share with you why I have chosen Dublin as a primary real estate market I would serve and ultimately where I located my brokerage. Located within the heart of the Midwest, Dublin, Ohio, emerges as a beacon of prosperity, heritage, and academic excellence. As we venture into 2024, understanding the Dublin housing market statistics becomes integral for prospective homeowners and investors alike. The data, we meticulously compiled through statistical reporting from the Columbus Board of Realtors, paints an insightful canvas of this vibrant city's property landscape. Let's dig into the trends that define Dublin as one of the best places to live in Ohio. I feel it worth noting the statistics provided herein are based on the residences, both condominium and single-family homes within the Dublin City School District, and not strictly within the Dublin corporate limits. This was a conscious decision on our part as we feel this information paints a more thorough and insightful picture for our readers. We hope you enjoy the read.

The Pulse of the Dublin Housing Market

When examining Dublin Ohio Property Values, it becomes evident why this community stands out. With a median household income of $193K, Dublin's affluence transcends Ohio's averages, underpinning a robust real estate sector that promises continued growth and stability.

The city's economic vigor, boasting an activity of $8 billion annually, far surpasses what one might anticipate from its size and populus. It's the synergy of a small-town charm and metropolitan dynamism that attracts discerning buyers to the Dublin housing market.

Academic Achievement and Irish Charm

Education reigns supreme in Dublin, as 80 percent of residents brandish a bachelor's degree or higher. This intellectual fabric weaves through the city's cultural tapestry, particularly evidenced by the strong Irish heritage and the globally renowned Dublin Irish Festival.

Coupled with these traditions is the Dublin City School District's stellar reputation, where blue-ribbon accolades decorate the educational institutions, and 90 percent of graduates pursue post-secondary education. It's this commitment to academia that fortifies residential demand, making the 2024 housing market statistics for Dublin particularly noteworthy for those seeking an environment conducive to learning and growth.

Corporate Bedrock

Dublin lays claim to being the corporate pulpit for major companies such as Stanly Steemer, Cardinal Health, Wendy's, and IGS Energy. This corporate pedigree not only propels the local economy but also ensures a continuous influx of professionals seeking prime housing within the city's boundaries.

A Tale of Two Dublin’s

The dichotomy of Dublin's allure lies in its ability to offer dualistic experiences—historic charm in Old Dublin, and contemporary luxury of the new 600 million dollar and 1100-acre Bridge Park project. This blend caters to a range of preferences, whether it’s for the idyllic boutique atmosphere or the chic, upscale entertainment options.

A Sporting and Leisure Haven

Dublin’s reputation as a sporting hub is indelibly attached to the revered Muirfield Country Club, host of the PGA Memorial Tournament. Such prestigious events elevate the city’s global stature and, in turn, its housing market.

Recreational opportunities extend beyond golf, with the Columbus Zoo and Zoombezi Bay situated in immediate proximity—an amenity that undoubtedly sweetens residential appeal.

Neighborhoods That Anchor The City

The city's landscape is anchored by coveted neighborhoods like Muirfield, Wedgewood, Jerome Village, and the Tartan Fields, Tartan Ridge, and Tartan West communities. These areas represent a microcosm of the broader Dublin housing market, each contributing to the collective allure that draws residents to the city's 25 square miles of diversity and opulence.

With Dublin encompassing parts of Delaware, Franklin, and Union counties and proliferating across zip codes 43016 and 43017, the Dublin housing market encapsulates a spectrum of possibilities for varied lifestyles and investment appetites.

Conclusion: A Shining Market in the Buckeye State

Dublin, Ohio, as the twenty-first largest city in the state and home to approximately 50,000 residents, represents more than just houses and statistics. It's a bastion of culture, education, and economic strength, as echoed in the city's multiple top 100 rankings in national publications.

Despite being an affluent city, Dublin maintains humility and a strong sense of community, making it an ideal place to reside. With its flourishing economy, recreational offerings, and diverse housing options, Dublin is truly an alluring destination for those seeking a high quality of life. Welcome to Dublin Ohio, a wonderful place to call home.

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