Caine - Working Police Dog

belgian malinois sitting in front seat of carNot many people will have the opportunity to own or play with a Belgian Malinois aka one of the toughest dog breeds in the world.  One such special "Mal" lives in Central Ohio and lives up to his reputation for being highly driven and smart as a whip.  But, he's also just one helluva guy!  

Meet Caine.  He is a working police dog loved and owned by his Mama.  His job is to work in a corrections facility south of Columbus.  He works a 40 hour week alongside his Mom with inmates.  His job is to help them learn valuable employment skills working with animals.  His owner, Shelby states that providing job training to inmates is one of the best ways to reduce recidivism.  A typical work day involves Caine  socializing, being groomed and performing obedience tasks.  Although his job is to be a serious kind of guy, what he does on his days off is pretty much like any regular dude.  
On his days off Caine, like his Dad, loves beers, burgers and boloney!!  This guy loves to grab a snack with and without permission from the countertop.  A long nap on the couch, playing ball with the kids or the according to his Mama!!  Caine also loves to swim in the Alum Creek Park in Delaware, OH which has a dedicated dog beach.  He always seems to know when it's Sunday afternoon as he heads to bed early to get ready for Monday.  What a hard working guy!!!

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